Board Care

Sydney area Infront board repairs.

Preferred repairer:

Kjn Southside Board Repairs.

17-21 Mangrove Lane, Taren Point, New South Wales, Australia 2229
0412 667 451

  • Fibreglass requires up to two weeks to fully “cure” and achieve maximum strength.
  • Wash your board with fresh water after use as salt residue can deteriorate the finish on your board over time.
  • Dragging your board in the sand will wear the paint and fibreglass away. If you’re a dragger ensure that your board is protected in the drag area by taping the area.
  • Your board is not a seat. Please do not sit on it whilst it is on the sand or you will damage your board or the fin.
  • Extended periods in hot sun whilst on the beach will damage boards so it is recommended that you: Lay board upside down in shade where possible.
  • Wet your board every 20-30 minutes to cool it.
  • On windy days secure your board down or lay it into the prevailing wind.
  • Transport and store your board in a protective cover.
  • When transporting on roof racks use “flat” tie down straps in preference to rope.