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Nipper Boards

Infront Surfcraft is owned and operated by Mark and Dean Simpson.
Following their tremendous success in Surf Life Saving, Mark and Dean purchased Infront Surfcraft in 2011. Infront Surfcraft specialise in the supply of fast, stable and high performance nipper boards.

Mark and Dean have been intricately involved in the development of Infront nipper boards and will ensure that your child receives a board that will be suited to their ability, weight and potential.

Our aim is to develop a new range of nipper boards that are fast, stable, robust and offer excellent value for money. This makes their nipper boards ideal for all athletes ranging from U9s starting to find their way, through to making the final progression onto a racing mal in the U14′s. Infront Surfcraft has always offered superb value for money. This will not change; however, the new nipper boards are faster, more competitive and ideally suited for beginners and medal chasers.

The ocean is a much loved place for many people, paticulary those involved in Nippers. Many people wait for the summer seasons to hit the water with their nipper boards. The competition and fun that they get here is something to always look forward to.

To have the most fun with nipper boards, there are some factors that you need to consider before purchase. There are several types of these boards and the most suitable for a person will be determined by the prowess they have mastered in nippers.

Our range of boards include:

Foam / Soft Nipper Boards Racing Mals  
Fibreglass Nipper Boards – Basic Model Custom Racing Mals  
Fibreglass Nipper Boards – Race Model Rescue Boards  
Custom Nipper Boards Stand Up Paddle Boards  
Second Hand Boards  


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Nippers Board

Our custom made nippers board is a great way to personalise your own design and stand out in the crowd. A nippers board should not be left under the glaring sun for a long time. With time, the heat destroys the surface and renders it weakened. It should be put in a shady place after it has been dried to guard against this. It is therefore important to take care of the nippers board in the best way possible as advised by the Infront Surfcraft team.

Our nippers board is an asset with the most potential for fun and should be well taken care of.
Nipper Board

A nipper board that is custom made to suit the desires of the client, can be given features according to the wishes of the person who is going to use it. It will be splashed with the colours that you personally desire. A nipper board is made of materials which will last if it is well taken care of. At Infront Surfcraft our nipper board production is of the highest quality.