Second Hand Racing Mals

Mark and Dean will try and help you sell your 2nd hand Infront nipper board for a fair price when you purchase a new Infront nipper board.

Your board will be advertised (at no cost) on the Infront Surfcraft website and Mark and Dean will actively discuss your board with potential buyers.


For Sale $640 LeopardRace Shape $700 Never been in the water.
Sample Board 40-50kg


red white x $500
Brand New Stock Basic Shape Nipper Fibreglass – Suitable for a Nipper 30-40kg – never been out of the box – 2 seasons old

beginner paddle board sh

Beginner Paddle Board
$170.00 used as a Sample Board

race model 2012

$620 2012 Race Model

Second Hand Racing Mals

In the world of today, it is very important to be smart on the product you need to purchase. You want to understand the features of the product you need when it involves Second Hand Racing Mals. One of the products that are rapidly increasing in popularity nowadays is the racing mals, and since these products can be costly, many manufacturers find a way in order to obtain this exciting equipment through offering second hand racing masl. However if you are inexpert with this regard, you can end up buying second hand nipper boards not quite value your money and time you have spent on it.

Many manufacturers continue to initiate tempting advertisements in order to boost their sales on their second hand racing mals. Some of these advertisements are made to convince clients that they just cannot live without a specific item. However, how does a normal user know the reality on what they are telling? Certainly, there are wide choices of second hand racing mals accessible out there which will really provide you value for your hard earned money. The only concern is on how to find a quality product despite of being sale. In this case, it would be a smart idea to turn to a reputable online resource which provides honest reviews about these items.

Second Hand Racing Mal

If you want to purchase a second hand racing mal that will suit your need, we can provide this service to you simply give us a call at Infront Surfcraft. The price of the second hand racing mal depends on the materials made and how long this item already uses. Second hand nippers board are also available in various colors such as pink, yellow, green and whole lot more. Most of them are made from fiberglass that takes two weeks in order to completely cure and obtain the maximum and now for sale.

Racing Mals Second Hand

In order to prolonged the service of your purchased racing mals that is second hand you need to follow these important steps in order to value your hard earned money.
• Wash the nipper board with fresh water after you use because sea salt can worsen the color of your board.
• Avoid dragging your nipper in the sand or in case you are a dragger make sure that the nipper board is secured in the drag place through taping the place.

With regards to purchasing sales item most especially a second hand racing mal, it is best to ask the assistance of your friends or associates who already purchase sale items like these. Sharing skill and experience is very important in this matter. As you keep useful information from others experience, you have the highest possibility that your decision is accurate.